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Welcome to Briar Wood DOG Training Center

Each dog is an individual, each owner, and family are individuals.  Not all methods of training, raising, housing and keeping dogs works for each individual dog owner. The unique approach at Briar Wood Dog Training Center is based on that thought.  Gail tries to find the right combination that works for the dogs and individual behind the “leash”. To do that begins with observing, listening and hearing what the owners are saying and what the dogs are doing. From there Gail can recommend and instruct what may work best. Most folks want to use motivational methods to train their dogs.  This is great for creating foundations of the dog/pup to understand what behavior we are molding.  But if you want the skills you are training to become stead fast and reliable and not just parlor tricks (no treat, no trick) then you will have to “make” the dog respond. The level of compulsion depends on both the nature of the dog and human.  Gail tries to find that level with you.

Problem solving and Behavior Modification

More about Briar Wood DOG Training Center

Problem solving and behavior modification are also part of the "dog training" experience at Briar Wood Training Dog Center. From over excited greetings, to chewing on the woodwork, to house training, to timid or aggressive behaviors. Often, the problems and behaviors interfere with the training of obedience skills. So it is important to address these issues too. Lastly, how we humans feed the very behaviors we don't want. This is part, about training the humans to do things differently. Once you get involved in a training program at Briar Wood Dog Training Center, I try to create an atmosphere that is sincere and genuine, to each individual dog and owner. All that being said, before anything else I am a pet owner, just like you. My area of expertise, my niche is working with the common, everyday, family style human and dog relationship.