how briar wood came to bE

history of Briar Wood DOG Training Center

From my earliest memories, I have always been drawn to dogs. As an adult, I began a journey to nurture that interest.

Reading dog training books, raising Leader dog puppies, were at the beginning of that journey. Some truly great supporters of my interest in dogs enhanced my environment to do anything for dogs. Some truly great trainers took me even further.

My first breed of choice was German Shepherd dogs. Trained working dogs, K-9 police dogs added to my education. Tracking, handler protection, narcotics detection were now on the list of experiences.

Dogs from Germany with “schutzhund” titles were becoming more popular here in the States and I jumped on board. Going to Germany on 4 occasions gave way to becoming more familiar with that style of training. Importing German Shepherd dogs and Rottweilers led to formal breeding programs.

Participating in dog training classes and seminars, led to training and preparing dogs for obedience trials. Assisting judges, as a “ring steward” gave me a different point of view.

I was hired by a young woman in a wheelchair to help her train her own dog for service work. That experience led to other training programs for assisting in the training of service dogs. Rounding out my interest in service dogs was working for Paws for a Cause.

Success is failure turned inside out. That was my next lesson. Taking on a business partner, brought everything to a roaring halt. After the dust settled, still found myself drawn to that dog journey I was on. I had a clear understanding of which direction to go in. I wanted to share the dog training experience with others.

First thing I did was come up with a name, my first german shepherd, Briar, would do anything! Hence the birth of Briar Wood Dog Training Center. A natural evolution of time, experiences, lessons, a long list of dogs, owners, and supporters gave way to what I do best, share with others, the dog training experience.

The training programs, classes and lessons, all were designed to address all the aspects of the dogs’ life with the family and enhance our ability to communicate to them. Everything from feeding schedules to playtime, how much rest, to where they sleep can play a role in the dogs understanding of what we want. Briar Wood Dog Training Center is not just about teaching obedience skills. I give sensible instructions and gain superior results. I actually want to get to know you and your dog. I look forward to that opportunity with all Briar Wood clients.