Favor's tips


Although most housebreaking is about potty training, "housebreaking" includes all the house rules and starting with manners. The key to housetraining is SUPERVISION OR RESTRICTION. If your dog/pup is loose in house you must supervise. Literally eyes on them and following them around spelling out what is right and wrong. If you cannot supervise then you must restrict them to a cage or small gated off safe, puppy proof area.

Most accidents occur when pup/dog is not being carefully watched. This is not a life sentence, for you or the pet, once they become more reliable they get more freedom and so do you.

Puppy Play

Too much rough housing while playing with your pup may bring out overly aggressive play. Always remember that what behavior may be cute when they are small,sweet and tender....may not be so nice when they are older. Teach them to play rough with toys, not you or other family members.


For reasons obvious, most dogs/pups need lots of exercise, run, jump, play, walk, swim, train ect...the more the better. Equally as important is rest. An over tired dog/pup can be impossible! Sorta like an over tired two year old child....no reasoning with them. Make sure that your pet is well rested, sometimes you may have to cage or crate them just to settle down and take a nap.